There are two ways to start a Rubberband Ball .

1.Take two rubberbands one large, the other one small .Take the large rubberband and wad it up into a little ball, and take the small rubberband and wrap it around the large one as many times as you can.

2.Take two rubberbands and tie them together into a chain, and continue to tie the rubberband in knots.Repeat until you can wrap rubberbands around the knot.
After your done with the the first step of your Rubberband Ball.

1.Take small rubberbands and wrap them around the start of your Rubberband Ball, since the start of your Rubberband Ball is small.
Then after you done repeating thr last step over and over and your Rubberband Ball has gotten to big to put small rubberbands on.

1.Put larger rubberbands on your Rubberband Ball and repeat until you can't anymore rubberbands on it.
So if you want to get it bigger than that proceed on down.

1.Tie however many rubberbands you want together into one long chain and wrap.

Note:  Some people don't want to use loose ends for the chain , so tie your chain to your Rubberband Ball  wrap all the way around your Rubberband Ball and tie your chain to your Rubberband Ball once more.